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Select a payment plan that corresponds to the average monthly number of SEO optimized articles you need to write for your website, blog or e-shop. If you need more articles, you can easily one time purchase them at any time. So you will never be limited in the amount of content you can write.

What you Get with SEOWRITEE?

By purchasing a subscription, you get these several valuable benefits.

100+ Languages

You can write and optimize your website content in almost any language in the world. Just enter the topic of the article in your language, select the country and you can start writing.

TOP inspirations

Be inspired by the content of the 10 best optimized articles on the internet as ranked by Google’s organic search results algorithm. This makes it easier to write a more valuable and attractive article.

Easy AI writing of SEO articles

Yes, SEOWRITEE will write an article for you and ensure that the article has the ideal parameters and content to rank well in organic search. Intergated ChatGPT for final tuning of the written text.

Also for non-SEO specialists

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about SEO principles, our writing tool keeps track of the important parameters for you. You can concentrate on what you know, which is writing great content.

All SEO rules in one

Title, meta description, keyword density, article length, content, questions, H1-H6 structure, plagiarism checker, different types of article exports, SEO hints, and tips right when writing. All in one tool.


For professional SEO writers

If you write optimized articles for a living or if you want to make a living in this specialized field between SEO and copywriting, all you need now is this writing tool. Whether you are an individual or an agency.


Become an SEO copywriting expert without previous experience and know-how

Yes, we all want to write the copy of our own articles in blog or texts for our clients in a more attractive, faster and optimized way. And we also want to be more competitive copywriters and help with our copy drive traffic from organic search. The SEOWRITEE writing tool can help substantially in this.


Answers to the most common questions you ask us when deciding to buy a SEOWRITEE SEO writing tool.

Can I try SEO writing tool for free?

Yes, write one optimized article on any topic and in any language for free. With full support for all SEO features and inspiration. You can then publish the article straight away. All you have to do is register easily. In this case, you do not need to enter a credit card.

I don't understand SEO at all. Can I still use this writing tool?

Yes, just concentrate on what you can do, which is writing an attractive article. The SEO writing tool will take care of everything else for you so that you have a chance to get organic traffic to your blog or website from search engines for free.

Do I have to enter into a contract with a notice period?

No. We have no notice period. All you have to do is agree to our terms and conditions. If you want to stop using the tool, you just don’t pay for another month. But we’ll keep the articles you’ve written in case you decide to use the tool again.

Can I stop using the writing tool at any time?

Yes. You just don’t pay another month and stop using the tool. When you want to resume in a few months, you pay and keep writing. We won’t delete the articles you’ve written in the meantime. This typically happens when our users, SEO copywriters temporarily have no commissions or blog writers don’t write for a while.

Can I really achieve a better position in organics?

Of course. Since SEOWRITEE looks at all the basic SEO factors, you have a much better chance of ranking better in organic search results in search engines than other authors who don’t use the tool and don’t know the SEO principles of content creation.

How long do I have to learn how to use the tool?

You will be able to use our SEO writing tool immediately. Just enter the keyword you want to ptimize an article or other web content for and then you’ll instantly get writing inspiration, including a step-by-step process. And if you’re still stumped on the process, we’ll give you advice on how to do it.

Plagiarism checker

SEOWRITEE has a built-in plagiarism checker. The text you write will always be checked to make sure you never get a Google penalty.

Created by professionals

Our SEO copywriting tool was created by experts in SEO and online marketing. It is also created using the latest programming techniques.

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