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SEOWRITEE is an AI text generator for copywriters who want to create quality content. Get your SEO article optimized for search engines as Google just now! SEOWRITEE will provide you with the best content ideas and AI-written text based on chosen keywords. ChatGPT included.


for all who create quality content

For owners of websites, blogs and e-shops who do not know the SEO principles but want to increase organic traffic from search engines.

For authors, students, journalists, writers and SEO copywriters who need to write articles or essays on selected topics – general or narrowly focused.

For online and content agencies that need to effectively create optimized content for their clients and do not want to spend money on expensive SEO tools.

How Does the Tool Work?

just 2 steps and you can START write

1ST STEPEnter the intent of your article to our AI writing assistant Lucy. It will write the complete text for you in minutes.

2ND STEP: Enter a keyword that characterizes the topic of the article and select the language.

That is all, just 2 steps! And the SEO optimized content is ready. Just fine-tune it with ChatGPT and publish it. So try it right now. The first one is free.

Enjoy All-in-one AI, ChatGPT and SEO Features!

If you are familiar with terms mentioned bellow, ok, you are experienced SEO copywriter and will enjoy accelereted speed of optimalized content writing. But if not, doesn’t metter. SEOWRITEE app does everything for you. Don’t worry.


AI SEO copywriting

The AI assistant writes a complete article: content, headings, paragraphs, answers to questions, and meta text. Finish it with ChatGPT.

Search Keyword Analysis

Based on the main keyword all relevant types are ready: related, long-tail, questions, variants. And automatically incorporated into the article.

SEO Score Calculator

SEO score calculated from more than 20 major factors. Easily and quickly achieve scores up to 100% and outrank your competitors.

Meta Description

Get inspired by titles and descriptions of 10 best-performing articles and modify AI-written SERP to attract more clicks.


H1-H6 Tags Texts

Headlines and their structure is another important SEO factor. Edit AI-written text to be better than TOP articles.


Paragraphs Texts

Get inspired by the most powerful articles on the Internet and tune AI-written content to be the best.


Plagiarism Checker

If you have ambitions to achieve a TOP position in search engines, original text is a must. We’ll check it.

Easy Article Export

Export written article, paste it into your content management system, tune it and publish it.

Leave the writing of long texts to AI.

According to the keyword you entered, or in fact the topic of your article for your blog, website or e-shop product description we´ll research and analyze the TOP 10 articles on Google in detail for you.  So on one click you will get detailed inspirations and instructions for writing optimized content. And on the second click, our AI assistant Lucy will write the full article.


We have prepared free training for our users on how to use the application, where we explain how to work with keyword analysis and how to optimize the text of articles.


This is the average time to write an article using AI, which is 950 words long on average. The speed and length of the generated article depends on the number of keywords chosen.


To achieve the ideal text optimization result, the application uses the integration of several services including OpenAI, ChatGPT, keyword analysis, and monitors dozens of SEO factors.

Take Advantage of Helpful Benefits

Writing articles and creating quality content is not an easy job. And SEO copywriting especially. You have to find and read a lot of articles and know the topic you are writing about, which will take a lot of time. Imagine that someone does all this work for you and all that remains is to edit AI-written text and publish it. We will do the hardest work for you.

Save up to 90% of writing time

verified by seo copywriters

  • It is known that it is easier to write, better and, most importantly, faster based on inspiration from others.
  • AI assistant Lucy, who is trained to write keyword-optimized text, will write the entire article for you.
  • You will save up to 90% of the time; all you have to do is fine-tune the article and publish it.
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AI-written text

modern AI working for you

  • Writing SEO texts was time-consuming and expensive until Lucy – the AI writing assistant of the SEOWRITEE tool – came to the market.
  • AI assistant Lucy based on the latest OpenAI model GPT-3-003 and ChatGPT are trained to write content according to keywords and your brief instructions.
  • AI assistant is optimized for use in English but is robust enough to generate good results for a variety of languages.

High SEO score

easy tuning

  • Automatic monitoring of over 20 key SEO factors that SEO specialists consider the most important.

  • AI-written texts are optimized for search engines to achieve the highest SEO score.

  • Easily tweak your SEO score to the max.

  • External links are also part of the SEO score, the app will suggest the best quality ones.

SEOWRITEE 127 languages

Reach TOP Positions on Google, YouTube

defeat the best organic content

  • Achieving a top positions in organic search means writing the same quality content or even better.
  • Which means analyzing in detail the content of the top 10 URLs. Really deeply.
  • Not only the content, but also the structure of the article and the placement and density of keywords.
  • SEOWRITEE does it for you in seconds.
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Truly Easy-to-use 

you don’t must know seo

  • All you need to do is come up with a topic for the article and then start writing based on the inspiration from TOP content on the internet.
  • It doesn’t matter if you know the SEO principles for optimization and copywriting.
  • Nor does it matter if you can do a detailed keyword analysis and understand optimization. You will have everything ready and you can start writing attractive content.

Automatic Keyword Analysis in 4 groups  

integrated for one click

  • Once you’ve entered the topic of your article using a keyword, you’ll get a one-click suggestion of relevant keywords to use as you type.
  • Related keywords, question keywords, long-tail keywords for easy ranking in search engines and close variations of the main keyword. 
  • So you can easily incorporate all these keywords into the article, product description or blog post.

127 languages

write in any language

  • Keyword suggestions in one of 127 world languages. Related, questions (main languages), long tails, variations.
  • Inspiration in one of 127 languages for meta title and meta description.
  • Inspirational texts for all paragraphs of the whole article also in one of 127 languages.
  • You just need to understand the instructions in English to guide you through the writing process.
SEOWRITEE 127 languages

Be Surprised By The Versatility of Use

Anyone who writes articles or creates content for a website, blog, e-shop, newspaper, or school essay. With SEOWRITEE, you just need to enter a topic characterized by a keyword and give instructions for AI writing. That’s all.

Start Working as SEO Copywriter Just Now  

take advantage of seo demand

  • Are you a writer? Can you write and would you like to offer your services in SEO copywriting?
  • Here is a tool that SEO will solve for you.
  • All you have to do is enter the keyword and let the AI write based on the input instructions to the article.
  • And get charged a higher price for an optimized article .

Copywriting Agency? Be more productive!

increase writing productivity

  • More and more customers want you to write quality, original and SEO-friendly content for websites, e-shops, and blogs. Original and search engine optimized.
  • Make the work of your copywriters easier. All you have to do is to enable copywriters to use modern technology and AI to automatically write content.
  • SEOWRITEE makes the whole process dramatically easier and faster. From hours to minutes.

Blogger without traffic? Fix it now!

integrated for one click

  • No one will find over 90% of the published content on the Internet through organic search, which means that no one will read it.
  • If your blog is invisible to potential readers, so you get scant traffic from search engines, we have a solution for you.
  • Get the article content, revise it  and enjoy growing traffic.
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Essay Needed? Get it in minutes!


  • Do you have to write an essay by tomorrow and you are therefore in a time press?
  • Just enter a topic like “global warming”, “first impression” or “ideal society” and let the AI write it for you.
  • So don’t hesitate, type the topic into the tool and in two click you will get a great essay ready for your final tuning.
seo writing tool |

Journalist in Hurry? Let AI writes for you.

take topics ideas for article

  • Need to quickly write a newspaper article on a specific topic or event and have a few moments by the deadline?
  • Don’t worry. Enter a keyword and describe the essence of the article and be inspired by the best-written content on the Internet. You get the text written by the AI that you just edit.
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What do you often ask us?

How long does an AI write an article?

IA writing assistant Lucy is able to write articles up to 3,000 words long if the keyword analysis provides 10 variations and 10 questions. The average length of an article is around 1,200 words, only for narrowly focused and low-variant keywords will you get articles around 500 or 600 words long. The length of the articles is enough to get you content longer than the competing, best optimized articles on the internet.

How fast does the AI writing tool write?

He writes most of his articles in 10 minutes. So enter a keyword, and instructions for the article content (read the guide on how best to enter the keyword and instructions.) and while you make your coffee or tea, you’ll have the article ready for final editing and content tweaking from the inspirations shown.

Can I publish text written by SEOWRITEE immediately?

Basically, yes. AI writing assistant Lucy writes original texts, but for some specific topics she can use existing formulations. Therefore, we always recommend enriching the article with interesting facts and your own knowledge. Then check the originality of the whole text and edit the unoriginal parts again. The search engines will consider the finalized text to be completely original.

Why do I need SEO (search engine optimized) text?

Because 90% of the content published on the Internet is not read, search engines prefer the best quality texts that are comprehensive, original and provide useful information to the reader. You need to be among the 10% that people will organically see in the top positions. Plus, you need to incorporate basic SEO rules such as keyword density, incorporating other keyword variations, following the H1-H6 title structure and other factors that affect the final position of your article in organic search. SEOWRITEE saves you a lot of time, because you can write a long article up to 10 times faster and you also save money, for example, you don’t have to pay a professional.

Is the app easy to use and what if I don't know SEO?

Yes, when developing the app, we focused on its ease of use. You really only need to enter a keyword and brief instructions on the content and intent of the article you want to have written. And if you don’t understand SEO, it doesn’t matter at all. The app will look after all the essential parameters for you and alert you to the necessary adjustments. On the other hand, if SEO copywriting is your thing, SEOWRITEE will make writing optimized copy even faster.

How is the SEO score calculated?

The SEO score is calculated from more than 20 of the most important SEO factors, both content-related to keywords and text structure and SERP-related, including internal and external links. You can see and edit all SEO factors in the app.

How many articles can I create per month?

Depending on your chosen plan 3-110 per month. If you need more, you can order additional articles at any time in your account administration and they will be available immediately. Unused articles in the basic plan do not carry over to the next month.

Do internet search engines like Google penalise text written by AI?

Not according to the latest information. In a statement posted on Google Search Central, Google said: “Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against our guidelines.” and “Automation has long been used in publishing to create useful content. AI can assist with and generate useful content in exciting new ways.

If the text is useful to the reader, Google considers it useful and has no problem with it. Therefore, we always recommend that AI-written text be enriched and edited with your own experiences and ideas that will be beneficial and useful to the reader of the article.

Positively Rated by Copywriters

“Really great tool. It helped me in writing comprehensive content for a company blog. The blog is now scoring well in organic searches although I don’t even need to understand much SEO. So I can focus on finishing articles, which is much faster.”

Jana Blažková

Online specialist

“I was tasked by my company to write descriptions for our eshop which sold few products per month due to low traffic. I wrote them with the help of SEOWRITEE and now thanks to organic traffic we have sold several times more products in the last 3 weeks.”

Lukáš Suchánek

Junior HTML developer

“We were redesigning a corporate website focused on companies, and I needed to write a lot of quality text quickly. SEOWRITEE helped me a lot including sticking to the topic according to keywords.”

Ing. Nikola Bedáňová

Assistant to the CEO and marketing specialist

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