How to use SEO writing tool?


  • SEOWRITEE is an effective online SEO writing tool not only for writing SEO articles but also any other articles with quality content. Based on the inspiration taken from best articlec on the Internet you can easily write company web pages, product descriptions, eshop prodact descriptions, news article, press releases, blog articles etc.

You will appreciate these advantages:

  • ALL-IN-ONE SEO writing – the tool monitors all important on-page SEO factors as keyword density, article lenght, snippet quality etc.
  • EASY-TO-USE – it speeds up the work of experienced SEO copywriters and thanks to its intuitive use, even people with no knowledge of optimization can write optimized articles
  • ZERO LEARNING TIME – just enter a keyword and the inspiration for writing your article is ready – then it’s up to you to make the article attractive to your readers and also to the search engines
  • MULTILINGUAL – you can write content in one of more than 100 world languages

1.Registration to the SEO writing tool

There are two ways to register at

  • by using an email address that you have access to
  • via your Google account

Note: If you need to register multiple users, do it through a bulk company account or a bulk Google account and share access with your colleagues. We do not yet allow corporate registration for multiple users via their separate emails.

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2.Written content keyword input

  • .First, think about the keyword that best describes the content of your article. For inspiration, you can use tools that show free keyword variations such as Keywordtool, Ubersuggest or Answarethepublic and enter your chosen keyword into SEOWRITEE.
  • Enter the keyword for which you want to optimize the content of the article or website. SEOWRITEE will show you other possible options.
  • You can enter a keyword in the language of 94 countries.
  • For some countries you can choose from several of the most used languages. 

SEO tip: From an SEO perspective, it is better to optimize for more narrowly focused terms, long tails keywords, as this will increase the chances of the article ranking higher in search engines. Thus, it is more effective to optimize an article for the keyword “seo copywriting tool” than just “seo tool” or just “seo”. Also consider the SEO difficulty – the lower the score, the easier it is to get your article to the top positions in organic search.

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3.Generating 4 types of keyword

After clicking the CONFIRM button, the SEO writing tool will automatically generate 4 keyword groups related to the keyword you entered:

  • keyword variations
  • questions related to the keyword
  • long keyword variants
  • related keywords

Now you have two options:

  • if the keyword you want to write content on is best for your article, just click on the GENERATE INSPIRATION FOR WRITING OF SEO ARTICLE button
  • however, if you find one of the options more relevant to your optimized article text, you can select it and then click the GENERATE INSPIRATION FOR WRITING OF SEO ARTICLE button 

SEO tip: In the table next to the keywords, you will also see the SEO difficulty in addition to the monthly search rank. The higher the number you see next to a keyword, the more difficult it will be for you to rank on the first page of search engine results. Conversely, the lower the number, the easier it should be to get ahead of competing articles in organic search results.

Please note: You only have 1 chance to re-generate the keyword you originally inserted. Therefore, carefully consider the selection of a new keyword. 


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4. SEO article writing process in our SEO writing tool

Left part of the workspace

In the left part of the tool’s workspace, you will see inspiration from the top 10 articles in a given country in a given language in the first 10 organic search results for the keyword of your choice.

You will find the inspiration clearly sorted in several sections:

1.meta title – we will look after the ideal length of the article title for you

    1. meta description – we will take care of the ideal length of the article description for you
    2. sample snippet – you can check how attractive your snippet is compared to the content of snippets of articles ranking in the first 10 places in organic search
    3. inspiration for headings H1 to H6
    4. paragraph inspiration below paragraphs H1 to H6
  1. if some of these attributes are not used and written in the 10 inspiration articles, the tool will not display them
  2. however, you can use the inspiration from the left section for any paragraph in the right section where you will write your SEO article
  3. the keywords for which you are optimizing the article are underlined for easier navigation and the number of keywords in the text is shown, which you can click to view
  4. each part of the inspiration text is marked with the exact web address of the author’s website, so if you want to use some parts in your article, always link to the author of the text

Right side of the desktop

  1. the right part of the workspace is where you can write your SEO article
  2. take inspiration from the texts displayed in the left section, add your own experiences, insights and comments to make your content more attractive, inspiring and comprehensive than other articles on the topic on the internet
  3. you can freely add individual parts of the article, it is recommended to use heading H1 only once in the article, the other headings H2 to H6 can be used more than once, but in ascending order
  4. the keyword you are optimizing your content for is underlined after you write it (if not, entre separatelly if not, put the words separately in the SEO bar
  5. for each section you have brief instructions and tips on how to proceed with optimizing the content
  6. at the end of the article, you will find keywords in the form of questions or a query that invites a response (if the questions are not filled in, put yourself in the shoes of the reader of the article and come up with your own questions that they would like to know the answer to)
  7. edit the questions if necessary and answer them as best you can
  8. in the left menu, hover over each item to find more inspiration for SEO optimization of your content
  9. under the first paragraph, the article content is automatically created from the individual headings
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5. Important SEO factors for article optimization

  • At the bottom of the tool’s workspace, you’ll find important SEO factors to follow when writing search engine optimized content in SEO bar.

    • the recommended word count of the article – we have calculated the average of several of the best ranked articles on the internet and recommend reaching that word count or writing an even longer article – this is one of the indirectly ranked SEO factors 
    • keyword density – try to stay within the recommended percentage range for the number of keywords and their close variants in the article – if you need to mention keywords multiple times, add additional content to the article
    • close variants of a keyword are defined as, for example, singular and plural – you can specify them as an additional counted and measured variant of the keyword
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6. Originality check of written content

In our SEO writing tool, you can easily check if your article is completely original after writing it. If not, we strongly recommend rewriting the unoriginal parts of the text to make them original. So do not hesitate to use integrated plagiarism checker. This is one of the other important SEO factors.

7. Internet preview of the written SEO article

At any time while writing an SEO article, you can preview the article in your web browser by clicking on the button. The preview will be displayed in a new window.

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8. Export of a written article

You can easily export a written and SEO checked article in several convenient ways and use the treasures for deployment on a website or blog or by sending it to your webmaster for deployment.

  • DOCX
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • by copying it to the clipboard and pasting it into the site or blog administration
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9. Main menu of the SEO writing tool for writing articles

ARTICLES – displays all articles you have written and saved in chronological order
SEO PARAMETERS – expands at the bottom all SEO parameters of the written content
MANUAL – detailed instructions on how to use the application
BLOG – additional hints and tips on how to write SEO articles
GREEN BUTTON – shows the ratio between already written and subscribed articles in a given month
SUN OR MONTH SYMBOL – choose a light or dark background
CS/EN – switch between language versions of the app

Please note: remember to save your articles after you finish your work using the SAVE ARTICLE button

10. Using SEO writing tool for free

To try out the SEO writing tool SEOWRITEE you have the opportunity to generate inspiration and write an SEO article for free. You can test the full functionality of the tool and export the finished article for deployment on your personal or business website, blog, or eshop.

 Note: You can only use the free tool once. Then you can choose one of the paid licenses and continue using the SEO tool.

11. Paid use of SEO writing tools

  • You can continue to use the SEO writing tool for writing SEO articles by paying online for one of the licenses offered. The tool licenses vary in the number of articles you can write and export in one month.
  • The number of articles you pay for with the selected plan in a given month will not carry over to the next month if they are not used. 
  • You can change your license at any time in the SEO tool administration and you can also order a higher or lower license.
  • If at any time during the use of the tool the number of articles paid in the current license is not enough, you can order a one-time package of article writing. The number of extra articles ordered in this way can be used over the next few months.

12. Deactivation and reactivation of the SEO writing tool

  • You do not need to do anything to exit the SEO writing tool. Just cancel recurring payments in the administration and do not pay the license for the next month.
  • By paying for the license you can reactivate the tool at any time in the future.

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