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SEOWRITEE is SEO AI copywriting tool created by SEO copywriters for everybody, who wants to write helpful and original content that increases organic traffic from internet search engines and is attractive for readers. Is designed to be easy-to-use, create inspiring content and give SEO advice.

Story of the SEOWRITEE application

The authors of the SEOWRITEE AI writing online tool are team members of SEO agency SEOMAKER together with senior SEO consultant Rudolf Sehnal. Rudolf is an experienced SEO copywriter with over 20 years experience in copywriting, advertising and online marketing working for instance 9 years in Marcom team of General Electric.

And thanks to his experience in content creation and discussions with other copywriters and article writers, we had the idea to create an online SEO writing tool that would automatically track the most important SEO criteria and provide inspiration from the best websites on the Internet.

The main finding from SEO writing tool idea testing was that copywriters would like just enter a keyword and for one-click have prepared all for an optimized article writing without thinking and taking care of SEO criteria.

After a year of preparation and training, in early 2023 we added a module with text automatically written by an AI assistant called Lucy. We use the best quality and most advanced version of OpenAI AI model GPT-3-003 and ChatGPT feature.

And so, with the help of the team, SEOWRITEE was created to speeds up article writing by up to 90 %.



Our Awesome Core Team

Rudolf Sehnal

Rudolf Sehnal

Senior SEO consultant

Has been in marketing for more than 30 years. He has completed dozens of successful communication projects for global companies such as GE.

Samuel Rudolf Sehnal

Samuel Rudolf Sehnal

IT and Technical Support Manager

He has been actively involved in SEO optimization for four years. Graduated from high school majoring in IT and web development.

Lucie Sehnalová

Lucie Sehnalová

Finance and Accounting Manager

She graduated in finance and accounting. Lucie has been managing our company’s accounting and managing accounting suppliers for over 10 years. 

Our Values

We appreciate all copywriters who want to write quality and original content optimized for search engines and attractive for readers. Our tool is made just for them.

Easy-to-use (even for non-SEO)

When writing optimized text, you don’t have to worry about keyword analysis and searching for interesting texts on the Internet. Just enter a keyword and you can start writing immediately even without knowing the principles of SEO.

Inspiration YES, copying NO

We are against copying other authors’ content on the Internet and automated article writing. But we know that taking inspiration from the best and adding our own experience and knowledge creates valuable content that is attractive to both readers and search engines. 

White-hat SEO only

Everyone wants their articles from their personal or company blog, website or e-shop to be read by as many people as possible. For this, original, inspiring and readable content is needed, ideally also optimized for search engines. And SEOBYWAY can help you do all that.

People still write better than AI

Yes, we implemented an AI writing assistant to speed up the text creation process. But we at SEOWRITEE believe that humans can still write better and more readable articles than AI. SEOWRITEE will prepare complete inspirations for you, the final tuning of the text is up to you.


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