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SEOWRITEE is a tool for copywriters who want to create quality content. Write your SEO article optimized for search engines as Google just now! SEOWRITEE will provide you with step by step advice and keep you focused to topic based on chosen keyword.


for all who create quality content

For owners of websites, blogs and e-shops who do not know the SEO principles but want to increase organic traffic from search engines.

For authors, students, journalists, writers and SEO copywriters who need to write articles or essays on selected topics – general or narrowly focused.

For online and content agencies that need to effectively create optimized content for their clients and do not want to spend money on expensive SEO tools.

How Does the Tool Work?

just 2 steps and you can START write

1ST STEP: Enter a keyword that characterizes the topic of the article and select the language. Analyzes, keywords, content ideas and recommendations are ready!

2ND STEP: If you want, you can target your content even more closely by choosing from the suggested keywords and reanalyze inputs one more.

That is all, just 2 clicks! And the inspiration and everything else you need to write your own, SEO optimized and competitive article is ready. Just start writing.

You’ll Enjoy All-in-one Features!

If you are familiar with terms mentioned bellow, ok, you are experienced SEO copywriter and will enjoy accelereted speed of optimalized content writing. But if not, doesn’t metter. We’ll help, explain and advice you during content writing. Don’t worry.

Keyword Suggestions

Just enter topic of your article and all relevant type of keywords are ready. Related, long-tail, questions, variants.

Meta Descriptions

Get inspired by titles and description of 10 best performing articles and write a better one that attracts more clicks.


H1-H6 Tags Examples

Headlines and their structure is another important SEO factor. Write them better than other TOP articles.


Paragraphs Examples

Yes, content is and always will be king! Get inspired by the most powerful articles on the Internet and write even better content.


Article length Checker

Article length is one of the important SEO factors. If you want to get a TOP position in search, you have to match the best articles.


Keyword Density Checker

We look after the ideal keyword density that you optimize for content so you don’t overdo it.


Plagiarism Checker

If you have ambitions to achieve a TOP position in search engines, original text is a must. We’ll check it.

Easy Article Export

Once you have written the article, export it, paste it into your content management system, tune it and publish it.

We’ll Help You Write More Efficiently.

According to the keyword you entered, or in fact the topic of your article for your blog, website or e-shop product description we´ll research and analyze the TOP 10 articles on Google in detail for you.  So on one click you will get detailed inspirations and instructions for writing optimized content. And you will be able to compete for placement among these TOP articles.

Take Advantage of Helpful Benefits

Writing articles and creating quality content is not an easy job. And SEO copywriting especially. You have to find and read a lot of articles and know the topic you are writing about, which will take a lot of time. Imagine that someone does all this work for you and all that remains is to be inspired by the best content on the Internet and write. We will do the hardest work for you.

Reach TOP Positions

defeat the best organic content

  • Achieving a top position in organic search means writing the same quality content or even better.
  • Which means analyzing in detail the content of the top 10 URLs. Really deeply.
  • Not only the content, but also the structure of the article and the placement and density of keywords.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

Truly Easy-to-use  

you don’t must know seo

  • All you need to do is come up with a topic for the article and then start writing based on the inspiration from TOP content on the internet.
  • t doesn’t matter if you know the SEO principles for optimization and copywriting.
  • Nor does it matter if you can do a detailed keyword analysis and understand optimization. You will have everything ready and you can start writing attractive content.

Up to 60% Time Saving  

verified by seo copywriters

  • It is known that based on inspiration from others, it is easier to write, better and, most importantly, faster.
  • Thanks to the SEOWRITEE tool, you do not have to waste time searching for specific content.
  • You will save up to 60% of the time by writing an article or product description on the e-shop.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

TOP Articles Analyzed  

You need to know the competition

  • If you want to achieve the top 10 positions in organic search results, you need to write better and more comprehensive content that people will share on social networks and on their websites.
  • Therefore, you will have prepared an analysis of the content of articles placed in the TOP 10 positions of organic search for your inspiration when writing.

Easy Keyword Analysis  

integrated for one click

  • Once you’ve entered the topic of your article using a keyword, you’ll get a one-click suggestion of relevant keywords to use as you type.
  • Related keywords, question keywords, long-tail keywords for easy ranking in search engines and close variations of the main keyword. 
  • So you can easily incorporate all these keywords into the article, product description or blog post.

127 languages  

write in any language

  • Keyword suggestions in one of 127 world languages. Related, questions (main languages), long tails, variations.
  • Inspiration in one of 127 languages for title and meta description.
  • Inspirational texts for all paragraphs of the whole article also in one of 127 languages.
  • You just need to understand the instructions in English to guide you through the writing process.
SEOWRITEE 127 languages

Be Surprised By The Versatility of Use

Anyone who writes articles or creates content for a website, blog, e-shop, newspaper or school essay needs inspiration. With SEOWRITEE, you just need to enter a topic characterized by a keyword. That’s all. And then dive into writing an article.

Be Pro SEO Copywriter  

take advantage of seo demand

  • Are you a writer? Can you write and would you like to offer your services in SEO copywriting?
  • Here is a tool that SEO will solve for you and you will write as before.
  • All you have to do is enter the keyword of the and start write.
  • And you charge a higher rate for the optimized article.

Copywriting Agency?

increase writing productivity

  • More and more customers want you to write quality, original and SEO friendly content for websites, e-shops and blogs. Original and search engine optimized.
  • Make the work of your copywriters easier. All you have to do is agree on topics and keywords with clients, and once you enter them into our tool, copywriters can create content much faster.

E-shop texts needed?  

write unique texts more easily 

  • The biggest problem of most e-shops is non-optimized and non-original texts.
  • These are also the main reasons why products do not appear in the first positions of organic search.
  • The solution is simple, enter the exact product name in our tool and be inspired by the best descriptions of great e-shops. You will write your own, original texts.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

Blogger without traffic?

integrated for one click

  • No one will find over 90% of the published content on the Internet through organic search, which means that no one will read it.
  • If your blog is invisible to potential readers, so you get scant traffic from search engines, we have a solution for you.
  • Optimize article content and enjoy growing traffic.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

Student Essay Needed?  


  • Do you have to write an essay by tomorrow and you are therefore in a time press?
  • You only know the topic of the essay but you have no idea about it and you have no idea what you are going to write?
  • So don’t hesitate, type the topic into the tool and in one click you will get the inspiration to write your great, original essay.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

Journalist in Hurry?  

take topics ideas for article

  • Need to quickly write a newspaper article on a specific topic or event and have a few moments by the deadline?
  • Don’t worry. Simply enter a keyword that captures the essence of the article and get inspired by the best that has been written about the topic on the Internet. You will save a lot of time and catch the deadline.
seo writing tool | seowritee.com

Satisfied With Our Tool

Really great tool. It helped me in writing comprehensive content for my new blog. The blog is now scoring well in organic searches although I don’t even need to understand much SEO. So I can focus on writing, which I do best.

Jana Blazkova

Online specialist

I was tasked by my company to write descriptions for our eshop which was not selling any products per month due to low traffic. I wrote them with the help of SEOWRITEE and now thanks to organic traffic we have sold 48 products in the last 3 weeks.

Lukas Suchanek

Junior HTML developer

We were redesigning a corporate website focused on companies, and I needed to write a lot of quality text quickly. SEOWRITEE helped me a lot including sticking to the topis accarding to keywords.

Ing. Nikola Bedanova

Assistant to the CEO and marketing specialist

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